Attorney Negotiation Center: An Affiliated Attorney Network

ANC’s Affiliated Attorney Network connects our clients with our approved Affiliated Attorneys specialized to handle their arising legal need(s). We have assembled a highly experienced team of Legal Attorneys with over 80 years of total experience. Our mission is to help people with any negotiation crisis and give them the best possible start at a new beginning.

We help you determine which program is best suited to your specific need and qualification. With ANC we will guide you and walk you thru the beginning of the process to the successful end. We will protect your rights and give you the information necessary to solve all your negotiation needs.

We have assembled a highly skilled team of Affiliated Attorneys who specialize in their respective fields. No matter what kind of negotiation you are looking for, our Affiliated Attorney Network is one of the most precise Micro Professional Networks in the Mid Atlantic Region.

Our Paralegal Staff is equally trained in conversing with the consumer on a daily basis, sending out updates in text and e-Mail, as well as phoning the consumer, keeping them regularly informed about the process. We pride ourselves knowing that the consumer is in the loop and this is one area where we stand out head and shoulders over any other Firm.

Our Negotiators have combined over 80 years of Mortgage, Real Estate, Credit, and Collections experience. Our team are on the front lines every day, contacting Underwriters, Loan Modification Departments, and Short Sale Departments on a regular basis. They know what to expect, what you can expect, and what direction the winds of change mean for you this month, as the situation evolves with the Lenders.

At ANC, we help you pick up the pieces and put them back together again. We offer a One-Stop-Shop for all your needs related to today’s economic challenges. We provide you with a customized recovery plan that is tailored to you — your goals and unique situation.

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