How it Works – Clients

How ANC Works

ANC works in a 3-step process, which is easy to complete, highly effective and protects your privacy. The absolute latest in technology enables you to confidentially find the right lawyer for you.

Step 1: Select a Category (s)

1. You’ll begin by selecting a legal issue (or issues) that you think your problem fits into from a general category of law. ANC’s nationwide service has lawyers ready to review your case, even if you live in one location and need legal help in another.

Step 2: We Match Your Category with the Right Lawyers

Instant e-mail notifications are sent to lawyers in the specific practice area and geographic location you selected along with the appropriate category of law you inquired about.

Step 3: We Select the Right Lawyer

Lawyers who are interested in your case respond to us with a personal message detailing their relevant experience and fee structure.
We review each lawyer’s response message and compare each lawyer’s attorney profile to review their specific legal experience.
We pre-screened our attorney(s) to guarantee they are licensed and in good standing with their state bar association.
We contact the lawyer or lawyers we feel will best help your case and they contact you!

Find the Right Attorney