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Benefits for all positions listed below:

FREE legal assistance on any personal immigration matters

Internship part-time and from home online

Educational Assistance/ Scholarships Available

Co-signing a student loan a possibility

A chance to qualify to go on an overseas trip

A Management and Human Resources Certificate

A Letter of Recommendation

A free-lance position for qualified candidates

OPT or CPT, J-1, H-1 Sponsorship



Entry Level Student Advisor

You will learn to organize, create, and teach classes for international students. This person will play a key role with assisting the instructor in preparing classes and lectures for student development.

You will learn hands-on experience on team building and get a much better understanding on how the corporate world works in the United States.


Area of understanding and learning

Learn how to network and develop job opportunities for internationals in the community by developing high level relations with business owners, general managers, human resources departments

Learn how to create a human resources tracking system for international students using Microsoft office

Learn how to develop a skills and learning presentation for international students


1 hour per day and work from home! 

Ability to present ideas, concepts, issues, and training strategies

Experience in working with ethnic and culturally diverse communities

Ability to work collaboratively with groups of people



Communications/Journalism Majors

Educational Requirements

If you are pursuing an Undergraduate or Master’s degree in Communications, Marketing or Business and have the ability to work independently and creatively.

Personal Requirements

1 hour per day and work from home! 

Good communication and presentation skills (visual, written, and oral).

Goal-oriented, self-starting, high performing individual and can create or work with teams.

Bonus if intern has a passion for small business and community development.

What you will learn:

The Successful Intern will be taught to feature a byline at the end of each article, hyperlinks to their website or blog, and enjoy a body of work overseen by a professional working Editor, and Social Media Manager.


Social Media Internship

We train you how to utilize Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to keep and maintain its wide audience throughout the Metro DC, Virginia and Maryland Region. The intern will be trained by an  Engagement Specialist will show how to build a body of work focused around Meetup, contacting new connections, reaching out to Causes, and promoting the ANC brand over a wide range of platforms. Training of the Social Media Engagement Intern will be ongoing, and hands on, while giving the intern freedom to work offsite, and at various hours which will not conflict with class or curriculum.



Use online tools like Facebook, You Tube, Flickr, and blogs to promote and publicize ANC Campaigns, Events, Causes, and Articles. Learn how to engage online and on-the-ground supporters throughout the Region.


1 hour per day and work from home! 


Familiarity with blogs, RSS feeds, online social networks such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other “web 2.0” tools. Please have strong online research skills. Intern will occasionally play a role in membership management, promotion and website updates.


Educational Requirements

Online Journalism, Communications, Marketing or Business.


WordPress Website Developer

Student interns will gain valuable knowledge about website development and WordPress management. You WILL become proficient in the practices of, and gain a new-found respect for running an online website.


1 hour per day and work from home! 

Requirements include:

1) Basic computer skills

2) Organizational skills

3) Teamwork experience