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Latest Testimonials!

Client Testimonials

The following represents only a small sample of testimonials. Many of these were sent to ANC as “thank you” notes.


“I would highly recommend ANC. They responded quickly to my need for legal counsel and kept me informed at all times, and being out-of-state, I greatly appreciated it. ANC is truly a professional and I appreciate their sensitivity and their supportive nature.”

Heddy Medina medina


“After several years of frustrating delays, Attorney Negotiation Center was recommended to me for a legal malpractice suit that I had. They found a reputable attorney that negotiated a fair and equitable settlement within a few months. I respect the diligence and competence that brought my case to a quick and satisfactory end.”

Bruce Feldon    feldon


“I first retained Anc to represent me in a personal injury case.  I was extremely pleased with the attention they always gave me during this time. They always found the time to speak to me when I called and promptly returned my calls if they were unavailable when I called.  I was very satisfied with the settlement I received, and I highly recommend them.”

Terea Huhes   huhes


“Attorney negotiation center helped me through a very stressful time during my life when, the last thing I needed was more stress. I had previously dealt with attorneys who never returned telephone calls, ignored the issue at hand, provided no support whatsoever, and increased my stress level ten-fold. ANC not only returned phone calls when promised, they would call me to see how things were and always gave me progress reports. They are down to earth professionals who care about their clients and get the job done. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Monica  Contreras.   contreras


“I was in a terrible situation and was directed to Attorney Negotiation Center for assistance. They told me from the beginning, after our online meeting, that my case was not going to be easy but that they would do everything in their power to obtain a positive outcome. Their diligence and knowledge of finding the right attorney made me feel very comfortable, knowing they were representing my best interest in finding the right attorney. After a long, hard fought jury trial, I was found not guilty as charged. I believe it was Attorney Negotiation Center unwillingness to allow an unjust decision that prevailed in the final outcome of my case. Attorney Negotiation Center comes highly recommended and I would certainly turn to them if I ever needed their help in the future.”

Terrence Oliver    oliver


“ANC took my case when others wouldn’t even listen to it. They found the right attorney for the job who met deadlines and always returned my telephone calls the same day. Their staff is efficient, caring and supportive. Many, many thanks to all of you!”

Andrea Sanlbury.      sanlbury



“I retained the services of ANC in 2012 to represent me regarding an automobile accident in 2010. I had been fighting it out with the insurance company for nearly 2 years, even though I am in the insurance business myself, to no avail. If it had not been for ANC, I believe that a settlement would not have been reached and I would still be going back and forth with them. My family has been in the insurance business for over 50 years, handled thousands of claims, and had never run into a case such as my own. ANC matched me up perfectly with a skilled attorney with expertise, insight and experience in handling claims of this nature helped bring my case to a much needed and satisfying end.

If I ever run into another claim (hopefully not my own) in which the insurance company is unreasonable, I will certainly refer them to ANC. ANC was a pleasure to deal with both personally and professionally.”

Melinda Duffey   duffey


“I retained ANC to represent me in a personal injury case. I was extremely pleased with the attorney they recommended and his attention, he, and his staff always gave me during this time. He always found the time to speak to me when I called and, to answer any questions I had in a professional manner. I was very happy with the settlement I received. God bless you people!”

Donnie Rogers        rogers